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The divorce process is one of the hardest periods in the life of a person, and our mission is to help divorcing spouses go through it easier. Customer experience is our biggest value, which is confirmed by positive feedback from our clients who already got their cheap and fast Florida divorce.

Latest Online Divorce Florida Reviews

I thought online services are shady until I found this service. Reviews were good and the pay was low so I tried it and I have no regrets. I’m a divorced man, clean break, good!
Aaron B.
"My impressions from working with this service are great. They have a decent price without any additional fees, a very simple system and I really like the website. Thank you for making my life easier!"
Frances Y.
"I never thought I can get divorced for only 139 bucks! The best service ever"
Douglas L.
"Divorce became a real ordeal for me and my children, so I really didn’t have any time and money to work with a lawyer and make this nightmare even longer. I applied for help at this service, filled out the questionnaire, and received my documents in less than a week. Amazing, thank you for your assistance!"
Laura C.
"All went really well with this company. I filled out the questionnaire (it is indeed simple!), paid, and got my paperwork as promised. Thank you for saving my time and I’m definitely less stressed now."
Clarence J.
"Amazing service, very friendly customer support team, affordable price, and overall very professional approach. 5 stars"
Dylan C.
"If you want to have a cheap divorce, you should do it with this company. They have a fixed price no matter how many forms you need. I am very satisfied with the result"
Beverly D.
"If you really want that Florida simple divorce, ask these guys! They do it really quickly and explain what to do next. I had issues with documents I found myself, so I decided why not give it a shot. Definitely worth each dollar"
Craig S.
"I like this company because they are honest. They deliver on their promises, and the price remains the same without any surprises. But the best thing is that they didn’t charge extra for forms although I have 3 children. Thank you very much!"
Stephanie W.
"I was desperate about filling out all these papers because I am really bad at legal things. I searched for ways out on the Web and found this service. I liked the price and user-friendly website and decided to try. Everything was fine"
Jack R.
"I had no idea how to work with forms. Very grateful that such services exist. Priceless help for such a small cost!"
Harry R.
"My best friend has recently divorced and said that this company helped her greatly. Since I was planning to go through with my divorce for almost a year now, I decided to give it a try. I really liked their customer support, they were so helpful and nice! Didn’t have a printer so got my papers shipped, and it was very easy from that point on. Thanks!"
Doris R.
"I can recommend this legit online divorce to everyone who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The paperwork was all good and accepted by the court without any questions asked. I want to thank the whole team for their professional approach."
Amanda M.
All my ex-wife and I wanted was a divorce, and saving some money on it would be perfect too. Thank God we found this option. Working with a lawyer is too expensive these days. Thanks for my simple and cheap divorce!
Jeremy W.
"My husband and I decided that it would be cheaper for us to file for an uncontested divorce. I wanted to finish everything really quickly, and my friend suggested I work with this service. I thought I won’t understand a thing but they have help sections under questions and it was extremely easy. Definitely deserves 5 stars."
Alice B.
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