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Last Updated on April 2024

In Florida, those couples who have managed to agree on important matters concerning their children, property, and alimony can file for an uncontested divorce. It means that the marriage dissolution process can be held without a lawyer’s involvement if spouses choose so. This kind of dissolution is also much cheaper than the one without a spousal agreement because all one needs to pay is the filing fee of around $408 in court.

Filing for an uncontested divorce without an attorney means that you have to go through all the mandatory steps entirely on your own. Besides, before you file, you have to compile your divorce packet for Florida courts. It is quite a difficult task to find all the documents, especially if you have no practical legal experience. While you can download free do-it-yourself divorce forms from this page, we recommend looking into our service to choose the right set of forms for you and fill them out.

Complete Your Divorce Papers Online

The problem with filling out divorce forms in Florida lies in the fact that if you make even the slightest mistake when completing the paperwork, you will either have to redo the form where the mistake is or the whole divorce filing process. This is one of the most common challenges with a DIY divorce.

Luckily, you can always work with a professional online divorce service. Our company will be happy to assist you with divorce paperwork in a quick and professional manner. Many years of experience and thousands of successful cases helped us to become a market leader.

Working with us is really easy. You will just need to fill in a short questionnaire about your divorce case and get your document package in 5 days. Moreover, you will get a detailed filing guide along with your forms! Such a set costs only $139 without any additional surcharges, no matter if you are divorcing with children or getting a set of “Florida simple divorce forms.”


Florida Uncontested Divorce Forms PDF

Each case of uncontested divorce in Florida is filed in the circuit court of the county the petitioner resides. You can find some information about the process on the official FL court website. Since you can file without a lawyer’s help, you will also need to find the forms on your own.

You can find and download some of the blank divorce papers in pdf, such as the divorce application form in Florida, from the court website. However, you need to be sure that you have collected all the documents needed for your case. You may find some of the Florida divorce papers in pdf in sections below as well, but note that you might require more documents depending on your family situation.

Forms for Filing a Divorce in Florida

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The Petition is the first document you have to fill out and later file, as it contains the essential information, such as your and your spouse’s name, addresses, date and place of marriage, and so on. When you initiate a divorce without a lawyer, you will have to determine whether you qualify for a simplified marriage dissolution, as this will determine the type of Petition you can file.

You will need one of these forms to start a divorce in Florida:

If you’re not sure, you are always welcome to order your divorce paperwork with us. Our system automatically determines whether you qualify for a Simplified procedure, as there are a lot of conditions you have to meet.

Forms for Responding to a Divorce in Florida (Answers to Dissolution)

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As soon as the petitioner files the paperwork with the court, they must serve it to the second party. This procedure is an official notification that the dissolution process has started.

In Florida, the petitioner cannot serve the forms on their own and has to hire a sheriff or professional process server to hand the documents to the respondent. After that, the second spouse has to file one of the following documents:

The first document should be used for those respondents who may or may not admit allegations mentioned in the paperwork but also do not wish to file a counter-petition. This form must be signed in front of a notary and then filed with the court within 20 days after the service.

The second form should be filed by those respondents who admit any allegations in the paperwork and do not want to either contest anything or appear at the hearing (and even be informed about its date). The same as with the first document, this one must be signed in front of a notary and filed with the court within 20 days.

Additional Supporting Divorce Documents

Finally, there are many other documents that should be completed taking into account each individual case. Overall, each divorcing couple may need a different number of papers depending on whether they have children or not, wish to divide property (if any), plan to pay alimony, and so on. Here are some of the most common forms you may need:


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