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File for divorce in Florida online with the help of our service! Get a divorce online at a flat fee without hiring a lawyer!

How to File for Divorce in Florida Online

A no-fault and uncontested divorce is an easy marriage dissolution option available for those spouses who were able to resolve their disagreements. Get online divorce in Florida – no court litigations, no lawyers – only a simple filing process and a small hearing.

Working with an online divorce provider is beneficial because you will get not only a full set of forms filled out for your case but also detailed filing instructions so that you don’t have to lose time determining your next steps.

Filing for divorce in Florida online requires the following steps:
filling out divorce forms
Step 1: Fill Out Our Questionnaire.

Answer a few questions to see if FL online divorce is the right choice for you. After the payment, fill in some basic information for our system to fill out the forms for you. There will be useful hints along each question, so you don't have to worry about misunderstandings and legal terminology. Most customers spend less than 30 minutes answering the questions.

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Step 2: Wait for Your Documents To Be Uploaded.

Once you submit your answers, we will start preparing your own Florida divorce forms. You will receive the documents within 5 days. There is no need to go anywhere to get the documents, as they will be available in your personal profile. You can make unlimited changes in the questionnaire to adjust the details if you and your spouse alter your agreements.

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Step 3: Get a Divorce in Florida.

The packet of forms you receive will also include a step-by-step filing guide with detailed information on what you should do next. There are instructions on how to file the paperwork, serve your spouse, and finalize your marriage dissolution. Follow them and your local guidelines to divorce in Florida.

Why Choose Uncontested Divorce in Florida

There are many benefits of uncontested divorce that make it the best marriage dissolution option. In comparison with a contested option, it is much cheaper, shorter, and less stressful for spouses and their children.

Easy Divorce in Florida Without a Lawyer

Filing for an uncontested dissolution, you won’t need to get legal divorce help in Florida. Since you and your spouse have settled all the divorce-related matters, you can complete all the legally required steps on your own and file for divorce in Florida without an attorney. With cheap online services, your forms will be taken care of, and with the filing instructions you receive, you won't have to worry about the court process.

Virtual Divorce from the Comfort of Your Home

With Internet divorce, meeting with a lawyer is a thing of the past. Now you can go through all the preliminary steps of marriage dissolution without having to meet anyone in person or adjust to anyone's schedule. As a result, you save lots of time and resources.

Fast Florida Divorce

While a contested divorce may last for more than 1 year, Florida divorce online can be completed in a few months. We will provide you with the ready-to-be-filed paperwork in just 5 days, and then you will only need to file it. After other basic steps, such as the service process, you will need to wait for a mandatory period of 20 days to pass and then have your marriage dissolution finalized.

Cheapest Way to Divorce in Florida

All you need to pay in this case are about $408 in filing fees to the court and a flat fee of $139 for our online services. This is a much cheaper option than a contested divorce with a price of up to $30,000. There may be other expenses during your uncontested dissolution, for example, court fees for copies of your documents, but it is still much more affordable than a divorce with a lawyer.

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Get Ready-to-File Divorce Documents

Complete Florida Divorce Papers Online

If you want to save time and money on your uncontested divorce, the best thing you can do is get your divorce forms completed online. When you try dealing with the legal papers on your own, it might take days to find all the forms, ensure they are right for your divorce, and fill them out properly. You may find outdated forms or misunderstand the legal terms in questions, which will prevent you from getting divorced as fast as you anticipated. With divorce paperwork for Florida completed at our service, none of these will be an issue!


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Florida Divorce Forms You Need to Prepare

There are quite a lot of Florida uncontested divorce forms you may need depending on your case. You may require a simplified divorce petition for Florida and generally less paperwork if you have no children or property and won’t request alimony. Even then, the set of documents you need will vary based on your requests and needs. Here are some of the most common forms you may need to collect and fill out:

Please note that these are not all the divorce papers in Florida you may need to file with the court. You may read the information about all forms that might be required or trust our online service to choose the set of documents that would be just right for you.

stack of divorce documents
Detailed Instructions

Steps for Do It Yourself Divorce in Florida

A DIY divorce is a cheap option, but it may seem not that easy and fast when you get no outside assistance. Here are all the steps of the Florida divorce process you have to go through completely on your own:

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Rosa Murrieta
Rosa Murrieta

Kindergarten teacher

“I really wanted to end my marriage after years of being unhappy but I could not afford to hire a lawyer. Thankfully, I came across this amazing service that helped me with my papers. Finally divorced and got my smile back!”

David Owens
David Owens

Body Guard

“I got all my forms and filed my divorce myself. Saved so much money it’s ridiculous. Definitely better than a lawyer!”

Jerry Petty
Jerry Petty

College professor

“I literally had no idea where to get divorce papers and needed to do everything fast. This company had everything I need: fast process and cheap price. 5 stars for sure”

Christopher Cody
Christopher Cody


“I am very grateful to this service for making this awful period of my life easier… After some very confusing research that led me nowhere, I realized I needed some help, and this company was what I needed. I don’t know what I would do otherwise, and I’m really grateful!”

Jack Borges
Jack Borges


“Ending my marriage was torture itself, but spending thousands of dollars would be even worse. I don’t know who has such money when they divorce. So glad my coworker showed me this site, and I recommend it to everyone who’s short on money and needs divorce”

Denis Nims
Denis Nims

Sales Assistant

“Very easy process and nice website, I spent like 20 minutes on the questionnaire and got my forms by end of the week. You won’t find a better place to get divorce papers. Thank you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

The price for a package of personalized forms and a step-by-step filing guide is only $139. If you have minor children, you don’t have to pay additionally for the forms that cover custody and other aspects of childcare.

No. The most important thing is meeting the residency requirements of the state. It presupposes that the petitioner must live in FL for at least 6 months before filing. If you have children and want the court to be able to make decisions that concern them, Florida must be your children’s home state.

Sure! Just make sure that you and your spouse have agreed on custody, who will pay child support and how much should be paid, parenting time, and so on. We will provide you with all the necessary forms without extra charges.

Yes, you can, but only if you manage to divide your assets and debts. In this case, you can proceed with your uncontested divorce and get online help.

You may still use our service if the filing party and the children are Florida residents. Overall, you have to make sure that Florida courts will have jurisdiction to make decisions about all parties to the case, and your spouse will accept or won’t contest the venue.

No, you will have to file on your own. However, we will provide you with a detailed filing guide so that you go through every step of the divorce without any delays.

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