Cheap Divorce in Florida

If you want to save your time and money, get help with a divorce in Florida online. It’s more convenient than you think!

Start a Completely New Chapter of Your Life!

How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Florida

Getting a divorce in Florida online is a perfect solution that will help you to go through this process quickly and without spending a fortune. Here are the steps you need to take to get a 30-day divorce in Florida with our service:

Obtain Your Divorce Documents

Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Packages

divorce documents package
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Our main mission is to help couples get an affordable divorce in Florida without wasting their time searching for suitable forms. For this reason, we offer our divorce form packages at a flat fee of $139. You won’t have to pay additionally during any step of our cooperation unless you would like to get a few of our extras which we offer at great prices. And with court fees being around $408, you will spend just under $600 on your divorce instead of spending thousands on attorneys. Here are the quick and cheap divorce options we offer.

Divorce Without Children – $139

  • Forms for simplified and regular uncontested divorce.
  • Unlimited number of changes within subscription time.
  • Free step-by-step filing guides for simplified and regular divorce.

Divorce with Minor Child – $139

  • No extra payments for child-related forms.
  • Simple questionnaire with hints.
  • The filing guide included in the price.

Installment Plan – $75+$65

  • Best option for couples on a budget.
  • Pay $75 while placing an order, and $65 within 30 days after.
  • No commissions or surcharges from our side.
Start a Completely New Chapter of Your Life!

Uncontested Divorce: Working Together to Save Money

If you realize that you don’t have time and money to fight with your spouse in court, you can always file for divorce without using a lawyer. For this, you will need to come to a full agreement with your spouse and resolve any dissolution-related issues. Such an uncontested divorce option is absolutely legal and is chosen by more and more couples in the US each year to reduce divorce fees in Florida.

Here are the reasons why divorcing without a lawyer and with the help of an online divorce provider is a beneficial option:

  • You won’t have to hire a lawyer to help you out with the paperwork. The price of uncontested divorce with an attorney is up to $5,000, which makes this option far from cheap. We work at a flat fee, so you will only need to pay $139 for the filled-out forms. With such a low cost and no hidden charges, your divorce will be truly affordable.
  • Cooperation with an attorney is not only expensive but also a time-consuming process. You will need several meetings in order to answer all the questions and provide the needed information and documents to your lawyer. Working with an online divorce provider, all you need to do is fill out a short and easy questionnaire accompanied by tips. According to our clients, the average time spent on this questionnaire is around 30 minutes. Besides, all the steps can be completed from the comfort of your home!
  • You will receive instructions for filing for divorce in Florida. When you’re in agreement with your spouse and choose online divorce in Florida, no court trials are needed. There will only be a short hearing for the judge to make sure that your paperwork is in order, the agreement is fair, and you’ve covered everything to sign the Final Disposition.

Why Choose FlOnlineDivorce

Within more than 12 years, we have managed to help thousands of couples to divorce in Florida. Here are the advantages that make our online service the most preferred choice.

Cheapest way to divorce in Florida

With an online divorce, all you need to pay is $139, irrespective of the number of forms needed for your case, and the court filing fees that are approximately $408. This option is considerably cheaper than hiring a lawyer, taking into account that the average price of uncontested dissolution with a lawyer in FL is around $3,000-$5,000.

Easy divorce Florida

We have created a system that helps you get all the necessary paperwork without a struggle. No need to come to our office or fill out long and difficult forms. Our questionnaire is designed to be simple and straightforward, even for those who do not have any legal background. You will get hints for most questions and detailed explanations for the more complicated ones.

Fast and quick divorce

In order to get your packet of forms, you will only need to wait for 5 days after the submission of your answers. And with a simple step-by-step guide that we will send you along with the documents, you can pass the filing steps quickly and conveniently since you won’t have to search for this information on your own.

Reliable service

Ordering from FLOnlineDivorce will also help you to avoid any possible confusion usually associated with legal papers. When doing everything on your own, you may find outdated forms or make some mistakes. All of these won't be a problem if you get filled-out forms that are updated and court-approved from us.