Florida Divorce Decree Sample

divorce decree
Last Updated on April 2024

When spouses finally go through all the steps of a dissolution process, they get a signed Final Judgement or a Divorce Decree. You may find various Florida divorce forms in pdf on our pages, and review the sample  divorce decree below:

What Is a Divorce Decree?

A Divorce Decree in Florida is a court order that includes the judge’s final ruling on all the matters of marriage dissolution. This form covers everything from child support to the restoration of a former name. It should not be confused with a Divorce Certificate, a document that is issued for record-keeping purposes.

It is necessary to keep a copy of the Decree as it will be requested in different situations, for example:

  • When one wants to restore a former name and change it on other paperwork or IDs.
  • When the spouse who got the house needs to refinance the property.
  • When one of the parties is willing to remarry.

As the court order, Divorce Decree is enforceable, meaning that you and your spouse must abide by all the terms and rules stated therein. If one of the parties doesn’t comply, the other one may request the court to take action by filing a Motion for Contempt in the court that issued a Decree.


How to Obtain a Copy of Divorce Decree in Florida?

To get a copy of Divorce Decree Florida, you will need to contact a clerk of the local circuit court where your case was finalized. You will have to pay a fee for a document copy. In Florida, you can search for your case online in your county’s Official Records and then order a copy of the Final Divorce Decree. If you struggle to find a place where you can obtain Florida Divorce Decree online, you can visit the official CDC website, where you can find information for every state.

The Decree can also be ordered by mail. In this case, you will have to provide the court with your case number, the names of the parties involved, and the year the dissolution was granted. In case you do not have a case number, you need to cover the search service additionally. Finally, you can obtain a copy personally. You should visit the circuit court during operation hours and order it directly. It will be issued in the clerk’s office.

What Does a Final Divorce Decree Look Like?

A Florida divorce decree is generally a short document that includes the plaintiff’s and defendant’s names and the case number at the top. It shows that the dissolution of marriage was granted and on what grounds.

Next, it is stated the court made an order concerning:

  • Marital Settlement Agreement. Both parties now must adhere to the conditions stated in this document.
  • Restoration of the maiden name. The former name should be written here if the restoration is requested.
  • Parenting Plan. It is stated that the plan has been added to the document, approved by the court, and therefore is a part of an order.

At the bottom of the document, there is a date of Decree and the judge’s signature. There may be other details depending on each individual case and the orders issued by the court.


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